PEMF Recommended Frequencies for Different Types of Injuries

If you are using a PEMF to help with an injury, the table below lists a variety of injuries and the recommended frequencies to use, in hertz (Hz), as well as duration time.

Injury TypeRecommended Frequency (Hz)Duration (Minutes)Notes
Soft Tissue Injury1-5020-60Low frequencies may aid in cellular repair.
Bone Fractures10-5030-60May accelerate bone healing.
Arthritis5-3020-60Aimed at reducing inflammation.
Post-Operative Healing1-5020-60General tissue repair.
Chronic Pain5-3030-60For pain management.
Muscle Recovery5-5020-60Recovery after exercise.
Spinal Cord Injury10-5030-60Experimental; consult healthcare provider.
Tendinitis1-3020-60Aimed at reducing inflammation and promoting healing.
Nerve Regeneration2-2020-60Experimental; consult healthcare provider.
Head Injury/Concussion1-3030-60Experimental; consult healthcare provider.
Ligament Sprains5-3020-60For healing and reducing inflammation.
Osteoporosis10-5030-60Aimed at bone density improvement.
Migraines1-1020-30For symptom relief.
Neuropathy5-3020-60Nerve pain relief.
Plantar Fasciitis5-3020-60Foot pain relief.
Tennis Elbow1-3020-60Aimed at reducing inflammation and promoting healing.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome5-2020-60Aimed at nerve and tendon healing.
Fibromyalgia5-3020-60For overall symptom relief.
Rotator Cuff Injury5-3020-60Shoulder pain and inflammation.
Sciatica5-3020-60Lower back and leg pain.
Herniated Disc5-3020-60Lower back pain relief.
Stress Fractures10-5030-60Bone healing.
Hip Pain5-3020-60Hip joint and muscle relief.
Meniscus Tears5-3020-60Knee pain relief and healing.
Whiplash1-3020-60Neck pain and inflammation.
Achilles Tendonitis5-3020-60Heel and calf pain.
Ankle Sprains5-3020-60For healing and reducing inflammation.
Bursitis5-3020-60Aimed at reducing inflammation.
TMJ Disorders1-3020-60Jaw pain and dysfunction.
Frozen Shoulder5-3020-60Shoulder mobility and pain.
Shin Splints5-3020-60Lower leg pain and inflammation.
Plantar Warts5-2020-30Aimed at reducing viral activity; experimental.
Gout5-3020-60Reducing inflammation in joints.
Scoliosis5-3020-60Back pain relief and muscle relaxation.
Bell’s Palsy1-2020-60Facial nerve function; consult healthcare provider.
Trigger Finger5-2020-60Finger stiffness and locking.
Diabetic Foot Ulcers2-2030-60Accelerate wound healing; consult healthcare provider.
Hairline Fractures10-5030-60May aid in bone healing.
Hamstring Strain5-3020-60Muscle healing and pain relief.
Rheumatoid Arthritis5-3020-60Reducing inflammation and pain.
Multiple Sclerosis1-2020-60Symptom management; consult healthcare provider.
Peripheral Artery Disease1-2020-60Blood flow improvement; consult healthcare provider.
Varicose Veins1-2020-30Aimed at blood flow improvement.
Ganglion Cysts5-2020-60Pain and size reduction; experimental.
Dupuytren’s Contracture5-2020-60Finger contracture and stiffness.
Morton’s Neuroma5-3020-60Foot pain relief.
ACL Tears5-3020-60Knee healing and pain relief.
Hyperthyroidism1-2020-30Symptom management; consult healthcare provider.
Hypothyroidism1-2020-30Symptom management; consult healthcare provider.
Osteoarthritis5-3020-60Joint pain relief.
Cataracts1-1020-30Experimental; consult healthcare provider.
Glaucoma1-1020-30Experimental; consult healthcare provider.
Macular Degeneration1-1020-30Experimental; consult healthcare provider.
Sleep Disorders1-1020-30Sleep quality improvement; experimental.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome1-2020-60Energy level improvement; consult healthcare provider.






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